Industry Construction and Academic Support

Since 2005, Improve Medical has worked with Chinese Medical Association and hosted Excellent Academic Periodicals Selection event under exclusive title sponsorship for the young and middle-aged scholars in the Laboratory Medicine in China.  
In 2008, Improve Medical proposed and independently sponsored the publication of magazine . This magazine is the only public welfare Chinese academic publication in China which shows the latest research development in international Laboratory Medicine and has been well received by domestic readers.
In 2010, Improve Medical successful organized the first “Laboratory Medicine and Clinic Symposium” in the Middle and South China.

As an integral part of the community, Improve Medical has always insisted on giving back.  The goal of the non-governmental Hope Project is to finance the education of students from poor families. It includes programs to establish Hope primary schools in underdeveloped rural areas, establish Hope scholarships in high schools and universities, implement distance education and train teachers for rural schools.
Since 2006,Improve Medical established “Education Awards” in Yizhang, Hunan Province, encouraging the teachers to become “Expert Teachers”.