PM2.5 Masks

April 17, 2014 China International Medical Equipment Fair in the spring will be opened in Shenzhen, government procurement agencies from over 20 countries and regions in 2000 surplus medical equipment manufacturing enterprises and more than 100 countries and regions, 120,000 people in the hospital CMEF transaction brings together buyers and dealers, exchanges. Exhibitors to showcase a number of advanced medical equipment, seemingly insignificant but dominate PM2.5 masks, drew the attention.
"Second generation" PM2.5 masks
"Second generation" PM2.5 PM2.5 compared to ordinary masks masks have three distinct advantages:
1, the use of medical standards development and production:
PM2.5 masks to use more common industry standards, and the wearer greater distance in real life environment, "second generation" PM2.5 mask by a professional medical equipment supplier in Guangzhou Improve Medical Technology Co., Ltd. uses the public everyday environment The closest, in standard medical grade 10 was higher than the standard daily living environment developed and produced, to ensure the safety of the wearer, reliability in cleaning, sterilization, etc.
2, the first exclusive 3D stereo filter design:
Ordinary PM2.5 filter masks are mostly straight plug-in, inadequate sealing air leaks from the side of easy, low filtration efficiency for PM2.5. "Second generation" PM2.5 mask filter using the 3D design, filter and mask structure remains the same, and face more fitting. Both sides of the thick filter, which can effectively prevent leakage, and more comfortable to wear; structural design science makes masks effective filtration area increased by 20% - 56%.
3, waffle skin-friendly material:
PM2.5 masks lined ordinary multi-use "first generation" of cotton, over time, can easily be breath dampness, wear uncomfortable. "Second generation" PM2.5 masks waffle lined with skin-friendly materials and design, can be kept dry for a long time, more comfortable to wear.
"Second generation" PM2.5 masks to its unique advantage to get the audience's favor, whether it is the audience sweepstakes, or will "focus on the micro-scan code signal to send masks" activities, homogeneous mass ten, hundred, people traffic overflowing, so field staff overwhelmed, more foreign customers to visit frequently seek cooperation.