Proudly Face Challenges, Be passion for excellence,

At 18:30 on January 10, 2014, to " Proudly Face Challenges, Be passion for excellence " as the theme of the 2014 New Year party Improve medical lecture hall on the second floor at the company headquarters officially kicked off, from across the country Sales have been "home", and dealers, employees gathered together to greet New Year. . Two dozen wonderful program debut, filled with cheers, cheers of the hall, each person's face is looking happy and relaxed eyes and smile.

More than three hours in the evening, dance, comedy, song turns staged.

This year, the company is honored to jade rock school students, bring us cheerful Xinjiang dance dance as the opening for the evening off to a good start. After the dynamic, staged the production department of the New Year Wu Qin song "New Year worship", happy and full. Then came the QC pantomime "clinic storm" Funny daring drama actor's performance, the actress is not scared of calm style, giving the audience brought infinite smile. Followed by the production department Chen, Xi's "brother has a wife," I saw him every word sonorous, infected with the audience from time to time. After the song is the production of "fashion show", Production huge lineup hotties really should not be underestimated, is to force the audience to show for fashion charm, dynamic music almost as if they can not control hotties domineering go show, scene applause everywhere.
Wonderful performances during the grand Best Sales Award, Best Dealer Award and loyal service award five and ten employees, employees from the bottom of my heart to feel and experience, especially the birthday of Bu Changkai, Mo Shu Wing blessings are put on the stage, with considerable cultural characteristics of calligraphy award, suddenly, the scene rendered warmth overflowing.
Then, by the Research and Development Department in conjunction hit TV variety show "Where is the father," the shadow sitcom "Improve Where is the father" to the scene brought a fresh feel. Moderator Liu Lu soulful singing "at least you" the same wonderful, wonderful program a heat wave after wave, Production self-direction of "open recruitment" staged encounters recruitment wonderful plot, it is performing a Karate chop deep skill brick, so the audience who witnessed the production department Crouching facts. Next, still constantly exciting, QC panoramic strong Pan Ximao cooperation "three days and three nights," Hey turn the audience, Production Liang Jian own adaptation of the single "Improve people" is heartwarming, I saw a slide show the staff were wonderful in the past, warm in the past, brought back memories of many employees. After that, the interpretation of the same quality as the shadow ministry sitcom "attitude • Life" for the show into a different content, then, international trade two handsome soulful chorus of "freedom", so the scene applause. Soon, hot dance production department of "youth rhythm," also debut, charming dance caused a lot of the audience cheers, after hot, causing the audience laugh again is the original sketch of Logistics and Purchasing Department. " Improve Qiuqin three gifted mind, "Zhu Zhi Shan, Wen Zhengming Xiangfenghenwan, Flirting with Edith hand success Ruhuasiyu Scholar actually nobody cares, subversive story funny, wacky props after another, striking on the last tour of tanks that read: LG, good wild then, Wang Li Cantonese song "Love Bus Station" filmmaking!. HR self hand shadow dance, "Peng Lu fly" interpretation of attentive yet touched. Finally, the party elites in sales, "love each other a Man" to the end, all the actors who are involved in performances full of harvest.

A show, and reflects not only the actors' performances and intelligence, but also reflects the hard work behind the scenes staff for their assistance and their carefully arranged, Improve medical grateful for the party to contribute to everyone planning to do for the party, because Improve every person, party more exciting, because each one Improve who pay better of you!