2012 Division I co-medical equipment management training sessions

In November 2012, is an autumn harvest season, hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal Drug Administration and the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of Health Institute of Economic and equipment led Improve medical association's 2012 medical equipment management training will be on the 23rd in the beautiful Shenzhen Kylin Mountain View Grand Hotel, Shenzhen district health administration departments and leaders in charge of health units, equipment Division is responsible, engaged in equipment, supplies procurement, maintenance management personnel, a total of 120 people participated in the training.
The two-day training, the instructor who brings a wealth of teaching cases, informative briefing data and experience available to promote. Participants of the training agreement to strengthen the relevant laws and regulations in the study, "Medical Devices Regulations", etc., to improve risk awareness and sense of responsibility, to strengthen the management and use of medical devices abiding sense of integrity unit, to further regulate medical devices in circulation and other aspects of the market order praise, to achieve the desired goal.
With conferencing platform, many exhibitors to showcase their cutting-edge medical equipment. Our current focus is on display intelligent hospital blood management system (IJOBS), the integration of automated urine urine sediment analysis system LX-8000, a liquid suspension array system Luminex®200 other products, attracting customers to stop and ask, new product color pages and contact cards distributed to regional business people away.