Powerful school-enterprise cooperation striving for a better future

--to warmly celebrate the establishment of undergraduate internship base of Sun Yat-sen university in Improve medical,Guangzhou
(report from Human Resource Department)

Improve medical:

         The opening ceremony celebrating the establishment of undergraduate internship base of Sun Yat-sen University was hold in the 2nd floor lobby of headquarters of Guangzhou Improve Medical Technology Co., Ltd on April 1, 2014. Scholars from Biomedical Engineering College of Sun Yat-senm University, including Professor Zhang Chaofu, Professor Song Rong and Mr Liujie, attended the ceremony with Mr Xu Lixin, the vice president of Improve Medical Company, and Mr Pang Zhiqiang, general director of the company. Both parties have reached agreement on the specific cooperation method during the following conference.  The alliance between Sun Yat-sen University and Improve Medical Company achieved powerful school-enterprise cooperation. On one hand, Improve Medical Company will provide superior and more professional teaching and practice platform for college students to help them smoothly complete the transition from college students to professional worker. On the other hand, Improve Medical Company will also undertake the national scientific research projects together with sun Yat-sen University to achieve great breakthrough in major projects with the joint efforts and supports of the resources from both parties. It is believed that Improve Medical Company and Sun Yat-sen University will become increasingly powerful in the scientific research with the joint cooperation between both parties.