• Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes

    Evacuated Blood Coll…

    IMPROVACUTER® Gel & clot activator tube is used in blood collection and storage for bioche… View more
  • Liquid Biopsy Pre-analytical System

    Liquid Biopsy Pre-an…

    Liquid Biopsy Tube is an evacuated blood collection tube improving pre-analytical workflow… View more
  • Capillary Blood Collection Tubes

    Capillary Blood Coll…

    IMPROMINI® Capillary blood collection tube is mainly used in collection, storage, pretreat… View more
  • Blood Lancet & Safety Heel Lancet

    Blood Lancet & Safet…

    IMPROMINI® safety lancet is for single use. The Needle stylet is locked after usage, in or… View more
  • Blood Collection Needles

    Blood Collection Nee…

    Improve blood collection needles provide highest quality and needle sharpness, resulting i… View more
  • Microbiological Transportations System

    Microbiological Tran…

    IMPROSWAB® Microbiology Transport Swab is a special device for collection, transportation … View more
  • Biosafe Decapper

    Biosafe Decapper

    Bio-safetydecapper is used for decapping of evacuated blood collection tube. 1.AIP Intelli… View more
  • Needle Holder

    Needle Holder

    Needle holder with screw connector is compatible with multi-sample needle and sc… View more
  • Sharps Container

    Sharps Container

    IMPROVE® Sharps Container offers a safe, convenient and committed disposal solut… View more
  • Specimen Seal-up

    Specimen Seal-up

    IMPROSAFE® Specimen Seal-up is a safe solution for blood specimen post-processin… View more