• Immunoflourescence Assay System

    Immunoflourescence A…

    IMPROVE® IFA system is an immunofluorescence-based diagnostic system to screen cardiac dis… View more
  • ESR Analyzer

    ESR Analyzer

    IMPROVE® ESR Auto Analyzer provides a fast and safe solution for Erythrocyte Sedimentation… View more
  • ESR Fast Detector

    ESR Fast Detector

    IMPROVE® ESR Fast Detector is designed to match IMPROVACUTER® ESR tubes for testing the Er… View more
  • Thrombosis Viscoelastic Analysis System

    Thrombosis Viscoelas…

    ImproClot Thrombosis Viscoelasic Analysis System, with detector for high-speed photoe… View more
  • Urinalysis System

    Urinalysis System

    Urinalysis System is product series of Urine Physical Tests, Urine Dry Chemistry and Urine… View more
  • Feces Analysis System

    Feces Analysis Syste…

    The Feces Analysis System has the automatic functions of specimen processing, morphologica… View more